Private Czech and English kindergarten for children 2.5 – 7 years

Kindergarten Jiráskova & Jaselská

Reasons to choose
Mateřídouška kindergarten


We satisfy all children’s needs, the basic ones and the more complex ones as well. Children need an incentive environment to grow in, we provide that. We recognize children’s needs, and we try our best to satisfy them.

What do children say?: “We sing and we laugh. we look forward to seeing our friends and teachers.”


Playing is vital in children’s development. Through playtime children learn and grow. We provide enough time and a friendly environment for your children’s playtime.

What do children say?: “Mommy, I do not want to go home, I want to play.”


We exercise and go for walks every day. We satisfy the children’s needs of playing outside. Lots of time is spent in our garden, children take part in sport club.

What do children say?: “ We went on a trip in the morning and later we are going to the garden.”


Our teachers are experienced and qualified. We have native English speaking teachers. Our educational Centers of activities are rich, individualized and differentiated. We work in these learning centers based on the Multiple intelligence theory.

What do children say?: “I know that I have a heart, that my body is made out of muscles and bones.”

„Good meals“

We provide children with healthy meals. Children are encouraged to try new healthy foods and drink a lot. Our own kitchen and kitchen in Nádvorní kindergarten make sure that the children have a balanced diet.

What do children say?: “The lunch was so yummy today!”


Children need to feel safe and happy. We encourage the children’s self confidence and protect them from stressful situations. There are less children in our classrooms.

What do children say?: “I made this horse for you …...all by myself.”

„Social climate“

The children are provided with empathy, respect, trust and solidarity. We teach the children to listen, to be respectful and open minded. Cooperation and helpfulness between all employees and children as well.

What do children say?: “ I sorted it out and apologized to my friend.”

Our classes

We have Czech and English classes.
Children are divided according to age and language.

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