Advice for parents

What you should know before signing your child up for kindergarten: 

1) Talk to your child about what happens in kindergarten and what it is like there.

2) Prepare your child for separation from you.

3) Encourage independence in your child.

4) Let your child know that you do understand his fears of attending a kindergarten.

5) If your child cries, be friendly but firm.

6) Give your child something personal.

7) Live up to your promises.

8) Getting rid of your own anxiety equals getting rid of your child’s anxiety.

9) Do not promise rewards for attending the kindergarten.

10) If needed, ask your teacher for advice concerning a gradual adaptation.


Before signing up for kindergarten your child should:

  •  know his/her name and react when addressed
  •  be potty trained (diapers are inadmissible)
  •  be able to say what he/she needs or wants
  •  cooperate while getting dressed and undressed
  •  hold a spoon and to be able to eat by himself/herself
  •  be able to drink from a cup or a glass
  •  sit at a table while eating, not run around with food
  •  be able to blow his/her nose
  •  be able to wash his/her hands with a soap and dry them with a towel
  •  have basics of social behavior, not be aggressive towards other children
  •  respect adults and react to directions (with respect to safety and other children)
  •  be able to walk short distance while going out for walks