Information about the admission process

Time frame of the admission process for the school year of 2024/2025

Phase 1 – Issuing of the application forms
    April 1 st – April 30 th 2024
The application form can be obtained in two different ways:
1. Electronically here 
2. Personally at the kindergarten (Jiráskova 29 or Jaselská 15), during work days between 8 am and
5 pm

Phase 2 – Collecting of the application forms
On Monday May 6th 2024 between 8 am and 5 pm 
On Tuesday May 7th 2024 between 7 am and 12 am 

Application form submission:
1. Personally (during previously mentioned dates) at the kindergarten’s office at Jiráskova 29
2. By mail (the date of mailing is paramount)

3. By e-mail with recognized e-signature (send to: )
4. To data box: 563khke

Required documents
1. Application for admission for preschool education (with original signatures of both legal guardians)
2. Sworn affidavit of proper vaccination of a child

Phase 3 – Evaluation of the applications
You can expect decision about whether your child was admitted or not to attend the kindergarten
between May 13 th and May 17 th 2024.
The kindergarten will deliver a written Decision of admission personally or by mail to you.
Application form submission is also possible after May 17 th , only if vacancy is available.
It is possible to agree on a date for submission of application form by email.

Admission procedures, criteria of the admission procedures

According to the amendment of the education law number 561/2004 Coll. and the decree number 14/2005 Coll. for children who turn 5 years old by August 31st, preschool education is mandatory, starting on September 1st of the same year.

Parents of these children are obliged to sign them up for preschool education. They can sign their child up for any chosen kindergarten, not just the one in their catchment area. If they sign up for a private kindergarten in a different region the kindergarten will notify the catchment area kindergarten when the child will be admitted.

Criteria of the admission procedure

Children who are 5 years old and older are admitted preferentially.

Next order of admitted children is as follows:

  •  children who have a sibling in the kindergarten
  •  children who turn 4 years old by September 1st of the applicable year
  •  children who turn 3 years old by September 1st of the applicable year
  •  children who turn 2,5 years old or more by September 1st of the applicable year

Contact information:

phone number: 605 712 132, 608 886 870

Registration of interested parties
* mandatory information

By filling out the registration form, you show us your serious interest in Mateřídouška and thus ensure that you receive up-to-date information about the admission process for the following school year.